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Functional Design for Interior Spaces

Invironments, formerly b&d – fabrication by design, is a full service architectural millwork company specializing in custom crafted storage and surface solutions, decorative mouldings, fixtures, and displays. We design and craft distinct product solutions fulfilling the needs of mainstream commercial, retail and residential customers.

If you are an architect, general contractor, business, or home owner, our team will work closely with you to get details identified early (and accurately) to ensure your project is implemented correctly, finishes on time, and within  budget.

At Invironments, we realize that our customers are the cornerstone of our success. Without them, we cannot exist. We also understand that “customer service” goes far beyond words. At Invironments, we endeavor to only provide products that reward our customers with a fair profit, provided in the form of salability and/or visual goodwill.

Give us a call today and put our team to work for you!

Local & National Franchise References

R.H. Foster
Irving Oil Corp.
Burger King
Dead River Co.
Pine State Trading Co.
Dairy Queen